Butterflies Fluttering in My Mind

•October 31, 2008 • Leave a Comment

And the butterflies explode into shiny , glittery color , the butterflies in Butterflyland turn to shiny energy … Flutter flutter …. from bubble to bubble lying on a cloud they shimmer in an odd light of aluminum absinthial ultraviolet electrolite. In circles of circular dust they transform . Magical ultraviolet shine as they sparkle , in the rain , after the rain … There is this certain light that is magical , tingley … being in the spotlight at the spur of the moment . .. and all of a sudden it happens . What should happen . In a shiny moment that “it” happens .. A perfect feeling in that air . You breathe it in … hold it in …. and Float on a sunbeam ….. Starships , sunbeams , stardust in the air everywhere … a certain lucidity and freeness … Flowy aliens melding in an alienated dance. A love bigger than life , it fits into a bottle… Spin the bottle …Everything hazy … Transparent in the fog …You can tell …. Its all transparent and free flowy ..

Connect the dots line by line all becomes invisible through the maze of hazy stardust .

The mice go jumping through the grassy fields of poppies.


Next Stop Somewhere

•October 27, 2008 • 1 Comment

I’m going to give this a try …..